Supply Chain Intelligence

Analytics represent the ability to make data-driven decisions, based on a summary of relevant, trusted data, often using visualization in the form of graphs, charts and other means. Supply chains typically generate massive amounts of data. Supply chain analytics helps to make sense of all this data — uncovering patterns and generating insights.

Supply Chain Intelligence As A Service

Gain A Significant Return On Investment
A recent Gartner survey revealed that 29 percent of surveyed organizations said they have achieved high levels of ROI by using analytics, compared with only four percent that achieved no ROI.

Increase Accuracy In Planning
By analyzing customer data, supply chain analytics can help a business better predict future demand. It helps an organization decide what products can be minimized when they become less profitable or understand what customer needs will be after the initial order.

Better Understanding Of Risks
Supply chain analytics can identify known risks and help to predict future risks by spotting patterns and trends throughout the supply chain.

Prepare For The Future
Companies are now offering advanced analytics for supply chain management. Advanced analytics can process both structured and unstructured data to give organizations an edge to get alerts on time to make the optimal decisions. It can build correlation and patterns among different sources to provide alerts that minimize risks at little cost and less sustainability impact.

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