What is Mobilty?

When you partner with Synnect, we can provide an-end-to- end service for all your business mobility needs. As your colleagues move around more and more, using devices with different operating systems, and connecting to the internet from different locations for business-related activities, the pressure on you to control costs and reduce security risks increases. You need to enable team mobility as a crucial part of maintaining productivity levels and fostering competitiveness, so at Synnect we offer a portfolio of mobile network, voice, data, and added-value mobility solutions that streamline operational management, and help you monitor and manage communication costs.

The Mobility Benefits.

Comprehensive Security
Synnect has features that monitor the network and locate and mitigate security threats, giving you peace of mind.

Built for IoT
Through classification and segmentation, Synnect keeps IoT devices separate from your enterprise network.

Reliability Beyond the Standard
Synnect support for Wi-Fi 6 and new technologies allows for better experiences and fewer interruptions.​

Mobility Service Offering.

Mobile App Management

Distribute both in-house and store apps to devices, remove or disable blacklisted apps, assign redemption codes for commercial apps, and more.

Mobile Security Management

Configure stringent security policies, such as passcodes, and remotely lock devices to protect corporate data from outside threats.


Give your employees the advantage of using devices they're comfortable with and save your business the expense of purchasing separate equipment for company use.

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