Intelligent Transport System

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) is the use of advanced technology to enhance the operation of highway systems. The goal of ITS systems is to save lives, time, money, energy and the environment through the use of computers, sensors, communications, and electronic devices.

Advancing Transportation Intelligence
Intelligent Transport Systems are vital to increase safety and tackle South Africa's growing emission and congestion problems.

Intelligent Transport System

Toll Collection
Synnect can install toll collection and auditing systems throughout Africa and is the one source company that can offer multi-system solutions by integrating a number of different technologies to achieve the desired functionality.

Traffic Data Solutions
Synnect can implement a real time traffic data solutions through existing infrastructure to help with traffic management and city scale as part of the smart city echo system.

Highway Traffic Management System
HTMS integrates multiple technologies to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Traffic Control Center (TCC) where it is integrated and processed and may result in actions.

  • Decrease costs with vehicle intelligence technology

  • Relieve call center pressure with automation

  • Increase reliability with disruption management tools

  • Gain key insights about your operators

  • Build trust. Build ridership.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning provide true business value. Putting data in a centralized data warehouse is a more efficient way of organizing that data, and enables engineers or software to use it more effectively.

Data is collected and maintained according to the highest ethical standards. Because the data collected by our solutions are often used as evidence in traffic court, it needs to be sound and irrefutable.

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