What is Disaster Recovery?

Our Disaster Recovery Services provide managed replication services covering many IT use cases, including: physical-to-virtual, physical- to-physical, and non-hypervisor-based virtual-to-virtual infrastructure with custom recovery time objectives and 24/7 support.

The Disaster Recovery Benefits.

Business Continuity
Keep transactions flowing and sustain income to cover ongoing operational costs.

Customer Retention
Continue servicing client requests and needs to encourage sustained loyalty.

Investor Assurance
Protect shareholder profits and alleviate concerns about inadequate risk management.

DR Service Offering.

Continuous Replications

Backup critical systems as changes occur within your environment using Hyper-V, Veeam & other partner software.

Data Centre

All the major network service providers terminate in our data centre. Strict monitoring by trained engineers ensures that any problems are immediately resolved.

Security Encryption

Data is sent and stored in an encrypted format at all times.

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