Business Intelligence

An end-to-end platform for data integration, enterprise-wide reporting and analytics, data discovery and dashboards. Synnect makes it easier to govern user and data across the organization. All to create actual business value.
Built for flexibility and scale, Synnect's real-time Customer Data Platform allows modern marketers to transform customer experiences, driving innovation and profitability.

Business Intelligence As A Service

Integrate Everything
Connecting everything requires supporting a spectrum of integration patterns, API endpoints, and deployment options. This is best achieved with a portfolio of independent, but tightly integrated capabilities that let employees with varying skills easily build and deploy integration flows as needed to break down information silos. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective approach for connecting people, applications, and data.

Complete, 360° view of anything
You need a complete view, the full picture, of your key entities—customers, products, locations, partners, and more—to deliver compelling customer experiences, optimized operations, and innovative products.

Make smarter, faster decisions
By comprehending information and collaborating with others to spark insights and spot patterns in data faster, the days of relying on gut instinct to make quick decisions are long gone.

React, Automate, Leap Ahead
A loosely coupled reactive application design allows building distributed applications that provide agile and scalable data delivery that can also be easily changed to meet business needs.

Data management for the business too
Enable collaboration and self-service across your entire organization. Everyone, not just your data experts and developers, can directly apply their domain expertise and quickly and easily add value.

Prepare for Less Confusion and Worry
Secure, reliable, real-time data distribution is a crucial part of your digital infrastructure. Synnect Messaging, the most comprehensive messaging portfolio in a single, seamlessly integrated platform, is exactly what you need. Adopt event-driven applications with less complexity, less confusion, less worry.

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