What is Awareness & Security?

It is a platform used to enable awareness through various mediums and integrations. The idea is not to simply get multiple systems to talk to one another but for the data from these systems to be collated, structured and represented within an uncluttered clear contextual view.

The Awareness & Security Benefits.

​Event Management
• live event feed • event logging • event classification • live image feed • free text search

​Real Time
• entity tracking • resource management • notifications • real time analytics

Collaboration & Communication
• instant messaging • video conferencing • planning • map synchronisation • map annotations • image and video sensors

Awareness & Security Offering.


Collaboration is about having a shared understanding and shared solution view on challenges. A&S is a platform allowing different parties to share information, resources, plans and to converse in a common environment. Insight can be gained while the distributed platform facilitates collaboration from different sites over tactical operations and higher level activities.

Real Time Analytics

Real world scenarios require perception, comprehension and prediction in order to completely understand a situation and to be able to make informed decisions. A&S focuses on real time analytics enabling the use of all data (in-time and historic) for dynamic analysis. Additional, external services can also process all data within the platfrom to provide richer analyses and predictions.


mobile event logging • mobile GPS tracking • offline mobile applications • mobile synchronisation • remote mobile services (tracking, video, image capture) • remote wipe • instant messaging Security • authentication • data segregation • data security

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