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Produce Forecasts
That Reflect Reality

Business drivers, holidays or events that affect the forecasting process are selected automatically from variables supplied to the system in the visual modeling process. You also have the flexibility to manually override forecasts based on groups that are defined using attributes, not just hierarchical variables


Streamline & Automate

Automatically produce large-scale time series analyses and hierarchical forecasts – without human involvement. Reduced manual intervention means there's less chance of personal bias in the forecasting process.

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Better plan for the future
with fast reliable forecasting

Manage your organizational planning challenges by generating forecasts on an enterprise scale – quickly, automatically and as accurately as you can reasonably expect, given the nature of the behavior being forecast.


Our core
services & capabilities

Scripting Language For Distributed Processing

Provides a scripting environment that supports fast, in-memory time series analysis. The scripting language is optimized and compiled for the machine it's running on – no need to rewrite code for different machines.

Automatic Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Includes several function packages that perform specific tasks in the time series analysis process. Convert time-stamped transactional data into a time series format, then generate forecast models automatically.

Neural Networks (NNs) & Machine Learning

Incorporates NNs through a panel series, multistage (NN/regression + time series), or stacked model (NN + time series) framework via modeling strategy nodes. Generate features and train NNs, create a forecasting methodology that combines signals from different model types.

Highly Flexible Forecast Override

Lets you make customized adjustments to specific filters or groups of time series defined by attributes, not just by hierarchical variables, using a powerful manual override capability.

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