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Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing to determine when, where and how to mine most efficiently.
Our AI platform, consumes data in diverse forms and formats – geological, topography, geo-mechanical, engineering, mineralogy, and well logging data – to augment each phase of mining. It accelerates prospecting, discovery and exploration by predicting target zones and using soil samples from a few test holes to classify the total surface area / rock face / subsurface materials. AI algorithms streamline ore fragmentation assessment, pre- and post-blast surveys and site inspections in underground and open pit mines using satellite imagery, aerial photographs and 3D maps.

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Using Multivariable Modeling To Predict And Address Constraints In Construction Phases

Our AI platform solutions accelerate returns on newly discovered ores by providing insights to extract and process minerals and metals efficiently and safely. It empowers digital mines built with sensor network technologies to capitalize on IoT data for real-time surveillance and operations management.

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