Synnect Company Information.

Synnect is a cloud company that connects people and technology through the latest in innovative technology.We have established alliances with technology partners that help us improve existing solution and channel new innovations.
We help customers by providing solutions in areas of Web, Systems, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and E-Government. We are the market leaders when it comes to ad-hoc integrations.

What We Believe.

We believe in combining the best in people and technology
We believe in delivering data that equips you with the perspective to understand events with clarity
We strive to be the foremost customer-centric source of solution
We believe in the need for horizontal and adhoc integrations of innovative solutions to better sectors where we can make a contribution
We believe in in-deep collaboration and cross pollination of our service divisions, which allows us to innovate in ways that others cannot
We believe in eliminating redundant complexity in favour of optimized simplicity
We believe in tireless innovation
We believe in saying no to a thousand things - to settle for nothing else than excellence
We believe in people, in companies, in their vision and success

Our Core Values.

Corporate Divisions

Synnect Systems is about cloud business applications.

Synnect Analytics helps you make sense of your online data.

Synnect E-government helps public sectors with innovative technology solutions.

Synnect AI is all about integrating machine learning solutions across different sectors.

Synnect Web helps organisations and people get an online identity through cloud solutions.

Our History


  • February 2019 Synnect AI & E-Government.

    Synnect has increased its service divsions to government consulting and artifical intelligence. These has been implemented as part of our service offerings and technical solutions through alliances.
  • September 2018 A new dawn.

    With the 4th industrial revolution in our sights, we have pivoted our technologies to adapt new techniques in AI and machine learning. The team has also re-worked the processes of our eco system and improved our website.
  • January 2018 Synnect goes cloud.

    Cloud was inevitable. We started developing applications that are cloud based (Systems) and a tool that will help orginization make sense of their social data (Analytics).
  • January 2016 - 2017 Web gains traction.

    In 2016 - 2017, we invested heavily in our hosting, web design and domains (web division). The company was able to gain 850 clients which then grew our online presence and revenue, allowing us to invest in servers and establish partnerships with cloud companies.
  • June 2015The year of process automation.

    In 2015, to keep up with the demands of clients, a decision was taken to develop a system that will automate all the external and internal processes. The system took 1 year for the first beta, and an additional 6 months for the entire echo system to be fully functional.
  • June 2013Systems. Web. Analytics.

    Although started in web design consulting, Synnect started branching out in Systems (cloud business applications), Web ( hosting, websites and domains), and Analytics (business intelligence and big data consulting). The company grew organically for the next 2 years.
  • February 2013The name Synnect

    The name is derived from the words Synergy and Connect. Our mandate has always been about connecting people and technology through different disciplines. We have always seen everything as one unified body.
  • November 2012The beginning of Synnect

    Synnect was established in 2012 in Polokwane. Founded by Mandla Mona in his tertiary years, it started off as a consulting company in web design for different clients.